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"As a result of the programme we had in the school students were more confident in their public speaking skills. Many students shared that they were originally very hesitant about attending the programme, but found themselves enjoying and benefiting from each class. They developed the ability to give and receive feedback, listen actively, and speaking in impromptu fashion."

Mississauga Home School Association
"Stand Up and Speak has the most professional coaches and cheerleaders. Their coaches are those people you want your children to know and be close to, hoping that some of the positive energy rubs off on them. My daughter was hooked instantly, learned quickly and won the public speaking contest in her school that year. She's learned skills that translate into all areas of her life…and always will. Many thanks to Stand Up And Speak for the encouragement, support and everlasting confidence my daughter has received."

Mary Tabak,
Parent of In-School program student 2010
"Stand Up and Speak came into our high school to train 6 students to keynote a national conference. They were flexible and accommodating for our schedule but, more importantly, connected with the students immediately. They worked with them to tighten up their pieces and then taught them to be outstanding public speakers. I was mesmerized by their performance the day of the conference. They went from standing up and talking to standing up and inspiring the audience. They were the highlight of the conference. I wish every student had a chance to experience Stand Up and Speak and their program. Those are learning skills that can be used for a lifetime."

Jacqueline Newton, Principal
Iroquois Ridge High School, 2005-2010

In-School Programs

For over a decade Stand Up and Speak has been conducting public speaking programs in schools as part of their curriculum and also part of their after school programs. We can customize our programs based on the goals and objectives of each grade level. We have found that the following programs are our most popular:

Public Speaking 101: An Introduction to Public Speaking

Students learn the basics for conquering the fear of public speaking. Through our unique program of exercises and activities students learn the 7 simple steps to effective communication and feeling comfortable with speaking in front of an audience. The environment is fun and comfortable even for students who are shy and nervous in getting up in front of the class. Students also are introduced to the art of thinking fast on their feet, while building up their confidence through communication.

• This is a 90-minute workshop that is offered to a minimum of 48 students
• Students are also encouraged to take notes, ask questions and get involved during the open forum segment

$19.95 - Per Student
For more information please call: 844-426-8724

The Confidence Builder: 4 hours of exercises, training and coaching

Students learn to deliver short speeches, book reports and class presentations with ease. Tips and techniques are shared so that students become increasingly comfortable speaking in front of an audience. Particular focus in placed on effective body language, voice projection/control and establishing eye contact with the audience. Students are coached on the step-by-step process of composing, practicing and delivering a speech while learning the fundamentals of how they will be evaluated. Students will be given the tools required to inspire, educate and entertain an audience in a fun filled activity based environment. Students truly learn that Standing Up and Speaking can actually be fun and rewarding.

• Classes are held for 1-2 hours over 2 to 4 weeks
• This course can be delivered during school hours, during lunch break or as an after-school program
• Maximum students per class is 24

$99.95 - Per Student
For more information please call: 844-426-8724

The Believe Program: 8 hours of progressive exercises and activities with an emphasis on learning to think fast on your feet!

Students in this program will learn the fundamentals of speech writing and delivery through classroom instruction and activities. Each week will be focused on the key aspects of a well presented speech with a focus on body language, eye contact, voice modulation and delivering an inspirational message where audiences walk away with a thought provoking concept or idea. In this program students learn to think fast on their feet through classroom exercises designed to help them develop the reflexes to respond to questions and comments in a structured and confident manner.

$159.95 - Per Student
For more information please call: 844-426-8724
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