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Need more information for self-study?: The following PDFs delve into specific areas in public speaking and communication that may be of interest to you:

The Stand Up And Speak Book: 

This book is a full overview of public speaking and will help students of any age from beginner to novice understand how to effectively prepare for a speech or presentation. The book is chock full of tips and secrets for effective speech preparation, expert delivery techniques, as well preparing for special presentations such as key note speeches, after dinner speeches etc.

Price: $24.99

Conquer the Fear of Public Speaking: 

The fear of public speaking is a universal fear even surpassing the fear of death in some cultures! The inability to overcome this fear has had far reaching effects and a sense of limitation for those who feel this fear is insurmountable in their lives. This booklet explores the source of that fear and more importantly how to take steps to overcome the anxiety that comes with speaking in front of an audience.

Price: $4.99

5 Highly Successful Interview Tips: 

Interviews are a part of all our lives; for those in high school looking for a part time job, soon to graduate from college or university and looking to start their career or those looking to make a career change. These insider tips and recommendations could make all the difference between you securing your dream job or getting passed up on in spite of your passion or qualifications.

Price: $4.99

Tongue Tied?: Learning to Think Fast on Your Feet!

Have you ever thought of the perfect thing to say hours after the opportunity has passed? Have you felt anxiety or nervousness while being asked questions particularly in a group setting? This booklet provides specific techniques for training yourself to think fast on your feet and develop the mental agility and reflexes required to respond quickly to comments or questions in a group or one-on-one setting in a logical and calm way.

Price: $5.99
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