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Private Coaching and Webinars

Students who come to us who are particularly passionate about public speaking and effective communication tend to enter contests in order to hone their skills and become the best they can possibly be.

Stand Up And Speak offers individualized one-on-one coaching for students who are competitive in the world of public speaking and challenges these students through one-on-one coaching to sharpen their skills in a variety of areas such as: impromptu speaking, short and long speech delivery, after dinner speeches, debating, humorous speech development, drama and acting skills development as well as group leadership dynamics.

Private Coaching: Competitive Speakers
$120 per hour or 4 hours for $400 (minimum of 2 hours)
Private Coaching: Corporate Clients
$120 per hour or 4 hours for $400 (minimum of 2 hours)
For more information please call: 844.426.8724


Webinars & Long Distance Training

While Stand Up And Speak is headquartered in Canada we have offered programs and coaching all over the world to students in the United States, Malaysia, China, India as well as the United Kingdom.

This training is delivered through interactive webinars conducted in public and private schools led by an accredited Stand Up And Speak facilitator. Request more information at info@standupandspeak.com or call (844) 426-8724

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