About Us

  • A Message from our Founder

    Lori-Ann Jakel

    Award-winning public speaker, coach, distinguished toastmaster, conversationalist, author and interview maven, Lori-Ann Jakel began speaking to audiences early on in life and is passionate about helping others overcome their fear of public speaking while increasing their confidence to communicate. For the past 18 years Lori-Ann has dedicated her teaching to training students and adults to stand up and speak with confidence.

    Lori-Ann has produced numerous provincial and international public speaking champions. She has also helped many students gain entrance into desired private schools, colleges, universities and medical schools. Her students have won prestigious awards at local competitions and abroad. Students have wowed audiences in English and French at Nora McCrae Public Speaking Tournaments, Optimist International Oratorical World Championships, Royal Canadian Legion Provincials, Lion’s Effective Speaking Provincials and The Canadian Young Speakers Provincials, to name a few.

    Lori-Ann has been featured on Rogers Television, MuchMusic, CJML Radio, Daytime Live as well as many newspapers and magazines. She has had the privilege of coaching students in Malaysia, China, India, United States and at home in Canada. A public speaking champion herself, Lori-Ann believes the greatest soft skill is the ability to effectively communicate and connect to your audience; while believing in yourself.

    • Overcoming fear

      The goal of Stand Up and Speak is to help students and professionals overcome nervousness and any fear associated with public speaking.

    • Perfecting the art

      Public speaking can be compared to learning a new language. The art of effective communication requires practice, training and discipline.

    • Life changing transformation

      Our programs help students break out of their shell, believe in themselves and evolve into confident individuals.

    • Fostering positivity

      Our programs help students tap into positive experiences and affirmations to nurture growth while motivating themselves.

    • The power of BELIEVE

      “If you can’t fly then run, if you can’t run then walk, if you can’t walk then crawl, but whatever you do you have to keep moving forward.”
      –Dr. Martin Luther King Jr.

    • Mississauga Home School Association

      “As a result of the programme we had in the school students were more confident in their public speaking skills. Many students shared that they were originally very hesitant about attending the programme, but found themselves enjoying and benefiting from each class. They developed the ability to give and receive feedback, listen actively, and speaking in impromptu fashion.”

    • Mary Tabak
      Parent of In-School program student

      “Stand Up and Speak has the most professional coaches and cheerleaders. Their coaches are those people you want your children to know and be close to, hoping that some of the positive energy rubs off on them. My daughter was hooked instantly, learned quickly and won the public speaking contest in her school that year. She’s learned skills that translate into all areas of her life…and always will. Many thanks to Stand Up And Speak for the encouragement, support and everlasting confidence my daughter has received.”

    • Jacqueline Newton
      Principal, Iroquois Ridge High School

      “Stand Up and Speak came into our high school to train 6 students to keynote a national conference. They were flexible and accommodating for our schedule but, more importantly, connected with the students immediately. They worked with them to tighten up their pieces and then taught them to be outstanding public speakers. I was mesmerized by their performance the day of the conference. They went from standing up and talking to standing up and inspiring the audience. They were the highlight of the conference. I wish every student had a chance to experience Stand Up and Speak and their program. Those are learning skills that can be used for a lifetime.”

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