Student Programs

  • Overview

    Being able to speak effectively in front of an audience is invaluable as it gives you the power to hold the attention of the room. Mastering this art early on in life will help you to connect on many levels; personally and professionally, to help you transform into someone who can articulate and communicate concisely, we offer the following programs:
  • Community programs

    We offer a 4-week introductory workshop at local community centres. This program will help students of any age become more comfortable with public speaking, with a special emphasis on overcoming nervousness, thinking on the spot and articulating clearly through fun exercises and group activities.

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    • Comprehensive reporting on individual achievement
    • Educational field trips and school presentations
    • Individual attention in a small-class setting
    • Positive learning environment for your child
  • Private coaching

    One-on-one sessions help you tackle your weaknesses head-on while sharpening your strengths. We recommend private coaching if you are looking at competitively speaking in front of an audience, debating, or want to refine your speech delivery. In addition, private coaching also helps those considering a future in humorous impromptu speaking, drama and acting as well.

    • Competitive Speaker Program
    • French Speaking Programs for Students
    • Interview Preparation Programs
    • Debating Programs
    • Adult Programs
    • Private Coaching for Students
    • Private Coaching for Adults
  • Confidence Builder Programs

    We offer an 8-week tailored workshop at our Speaking Studio. Programs include the Believe Program, the Art of Conversation, Impromptu Speaking and Ted Talk Production. These programs are a continuation of our introductory public speaking courses. Small class sizes, video evaluations and more ‘talk time’ will ensure positive results and excellent growth.

  • Competitive Program

    We offer an 8 month competitive program at our Speaking Studio. Students will learn how to write a competitive speech, learn effective delivery techniques, become more comfortable with impromptu speaking, take on leadership roles, learn from video evaluations and compete in one or more public speaking competitions. Our students have won numerous awards across North America and wowed many audiences.

  • Interview Coaching

    If you are seeking admission to a prestigious school or university or looking to further your career, then interview101 coaching is a wonderful way for you to make a lasting impact. Our programs help you polish your interview skills, hone in on impromptu speaking, help you make a great first impression, eliminate any nervousness and allow you to be the best you can be.

  • School Programs

    We offer a 4 week program that can be held at our Speaking Studio or in your class room. We focus on signs of nervousness, connecting with an audience, writing a speech and impromptu speaking. Students learn from each other in this hands on, fun, interactive workshop.

  • PD Day Camps

    Join us on your next Professional Development Day for a fun, interactive, educational day of leadership, debating, impromptu speaking, Ted Talks and conversational skills. Book your next PD day now.

  • Private Coaching

    One-on-one sessions will allow you to sharpen your strengths and become a more confident and comfortable speaker. If you need help with a presentation, just let us know.

  • Opt for our webinar program if you reside in another city or country.