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FAQs - Stand Up and Speak

Stand Up and Speak is the perfect place for parents who want to provide their children with a positive learning environment that teaches them to communicate effectively. Our program also caters to adults who want to enhance their communication skills. Join us to learn, grow, challenge yourself, and have fun learning alongside your supportive peers.


Our Approach

At Stand up and Speak, we believe that effective communication is the key to success in both personal and professional life. Our public speaking training programs are designed to empower students to express confidently and positively. Our mission is to make the world a better place by helping people communicate with each other for mutual benefit and enrichment.

Frequently Asked Questions

  • What is Stand Up and Speak?
    Founded in 2001, Stand Up and Speak is a public speaking and communication coaching business focusing on helping individuals improve their speaking skills, stage presence, and overall communication effectiveness. We offer personalized coaching and workshops to help clients overcome nerves, develop compelling content, and deliver impactful presentations. Our approach is rooted in building confidence, clarity, and authenticity in communication, empowering our clients to connect with their audience and deliver their message with impact.
  • How can Stand Up and Speak help me improve my public speaking skills?
    Stand Up and Speak understands that public speaking is like learning a new language, a new sport, or playing a musical instrument. We believe that practice is essential to excel at it, and the results will come over time. Our tailored coaching and training programs are designed to help you build confidence, improve your delivery, overcome stage fright, and master the art of public speaking. Whether you are a novice or an experienced speaker, our experienced team provides personalized guidance and support to help you reach your full potential. With our innovative techniques and supportive environment, you can enhance your communication skills and become an effective and persuasive speaker.
  • Where is Stand Up and Speak Inc. located?
    Stand Up and Speak Inc. is located at 2285 Dunwin Drive, unit 7, Mississauga, ON, Canada. Stand Up and Speak also offers classes at Community Centres, Private Schools and Virtual training. While public speaking training is best taught in-person, if you are not in proximity to the facility don't count yourself out, take a look at our Online courses.
  • What is the difference between Stand Up and Speak and other Public Speaking training companies?
    Our staff and the entire Stand Up and Speak organization are unique and second to none. No one taught this life-long skill when we started over 23 years ago. What makes us different is that our founders are speaking champions, award-winning interview coaches, trainers to all teaching staff and above all, a parent who recognizes that public speaking is essential to the next generation's success. Our program is based on every aspect of public speaking. The proof is our track record with over 70 regional, provincial and Canadian champions and three finalists who have attended the World Championships of Public Speaking. We have a 96% success rate for private school enrolments through our interview coaching program.
  • How can I join the public speaking training programs at Stand Up and Speak?
    Joining the public speaking training programs at Stand Up and Speak is easy! You can sign up for our programs online we do not accept registration in-person. Our team will guide you through the enrollment process and help you kickstart your public speaking journey.
  • What types of programs do you offer?
    We offer a wide range of options. We offer private one-on-one coaching where you work directly with our Team on a specific need or skill. We have an 8-week ConfidenceBuilder program that focuses on conquering nervousness, impromptu speaking, presentation tips, evaluations, and the skills needed to speak confidently. We also have a 9-month competitive program, which allows students to meet once a week for nine months, focusing on speech writing, delivery, debating, interview skills, and TED Talks, all within a friendly competitive setting. Our students in this program also compete in competitions to win over $10,000 in prizes. Finally, we have incredible summer and March Break camp programs, which infuse fun and the art of the spoken word into a week-long camp of either half-day or full-day sessions. Regardless of which program you sign up for, we provide video feedback so you can see your child’s progress.
  • How does Stand Up and Speak create a safe and comfortable environment for children to build confidence in public speaking?
    At Stand Up and Speak, we do a great job in our classrooms to provide a safe and comfortable environment to build confidence. We understand that some children may take longer to come out of their shell, which is why we have encouraging and inspiring teachers and lessons to help students find the courage to stand up and speak while having fun. Our educators focus on creating a supportive atmosphere where children feel empowered to express themselves and grow their public speaking skills with confidence. Through engaging activities and positive reinforcement, we foster an environment that encourages risk-taking and self-expression, helping children build resilience and self-assurance in their communication abilities.
  • How are students grouped at Stand Up and Speak?
    At Stand Up and Speak, we group our students by grade level. This allows them to learn from their peers and be challenged to be the best they can be. While we have no doubt that your child is exceptional, we believe that one of the biggest ways for students to learn is by interacting with their peers who are at a similar developmental and educational stage. This group dynamic fosters a supportive and motivating environment for our students to grow and excel in their public speaking and communication skills.
  • Can my child try out a class at Stand Up and Speak to see if they like it?
    At Stand Up and Speak, we understand that the fear of public speaking can be a significant barrier for many individuals. Through almost 25 years of experience, we have discovered that creating a safe and supportive environment from the beginning is crucial to helping individuals feel comfortable and confident. Our approach acknowledges the challenges of developing this new skill and provides personalized guidance, practical techniques, and ongoing support to help you overcome the fear of public speaking. We believe in building confidence through a step-by-step process, allowing individuals to develop their public speaking skills at their own pace. Whether it's through workshops, coaching, or other programs, we are dedicated to ensuring that our clients feel empowered and well-equipped to excel in public speaking.
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